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What is your Credit Rating?

Use our moped finance calculator to get an estimate of your repayments by selecting the sum you want to borrow, how long for, and choose your credit score. Here is a guide to credit ratings but remember, even with a ‘poor’ score, you can still apply.


With this score you can look forward to being offered the best rates but to place yourself in this category you will need to have an excellent record of repaying all loans on time. You will also be registered on the voters’ role and have lived at the same address for a long time. You will rarely ask for credit and never exceed your limit when you do.


You can expect to receive a favourable APR thanks to you record of meeting all loan repayments, with very few late or missed payments. You’ll be on the electoral role and have lived at the same residential address for a number of years.


You will have to pay moderate rates on your loan based on your current level of debt compared to your earnings. You may have missed several repayments previously and also gone over your credit limit. Perhaps you’ve changed address recently, and you may even have had a County Court Judgement made against you.


You will be charged more interest on your loan with this score, but can still apply for credit. Choose this one if you’ve previously defaulted on a mortgage or credit card bill and/or frequently gone over your credit limit. You may also have declared yourself bankrupt in the past and have several County Court Judgements to your name.


You can still apply for a loan even with a bad rating, although you may be refused credit based on your record. If you are offered a loan, expect to be charged higher interest rates.